Víctor García

We know change.

Víctor García

Studied philosophy, then spent the first part of his working life in advertising and public relations. Change was always his passion; finding new ways of achieving goals and solving problems became the center of his approach in each team, company and challenge. He is convinced that communication is the key to innovation, conflict prevention and management, and the most important tool in avoiding and managing stress.

10 years ago, he decided to make creativity and communication his work focus and became a trainer, evolving further in this field as time passed. Once he met Birte and experienced first-hand how powerful bodywork is as a support in change processes, he decided to learn it himself and incorporate bodywork in his approach.

He works mostly with teams, helping them recognize the need for change, opportunities and different ways of reaching their goals. In the last years, he has been facilitating more and more single-client process as well. He loves being part of the change his clients long for and helping them achieve clarity to design and navigate change.

He is based in Essen (Germany) and works regularily in Amsterdam (NL) and Mexico City (Mexico).