We know change.


We firmly believe in the need for personal developement as a constant in life - change happens anyway! That is why by teaching individuals to acknowledge, navigate and design change, we help them take the steps they want in life. It's simple. - That doesnt mean it's easy, but with our tools, you'll get a pretty good handle on it.).

Metanoia is a system we created to help organizations and individuals achieve meaningful and useful changes towards their goals. We adapt a variety of tools to match each case specifically. Some of them are:

- personality profiling

- creativity training

- bodywork

- communication training

- conflict management/prevention

The program facilitates team building, interpersonal, inter-silo and intercultural collaboration. We offer it as in-house training for companies and organizations, and also as open courses for individuals looking to improve and develop their skills (for professional and/or personal goals). These groups reunite powerful people from eclectic backgrounds, which can make the individual learning experience even more profound.