team coaching

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Team Coaching

Each team faces very specific challenges, but also has very specific strengths. Our team coaching uses all of our tools to help each team minimize their conflictive factors and turn most of them into collective strengths.

What in some cases might be a conflict trigger or a personal challenge, in many others is a great way to potentialize the effectiveness of a team. By improving communication and building trust, especially when there are personal differences and contrast, we foster healthy dynamics and help teams grow organically into their ideal form.

Personality profiling is a great starting point, as it allows each individual to know better what they bring to the team. During the trainings, the team members find ways of turning their differences into strengths, learning how to communicate to each other and as a team. Respect and tolerance become natural, while innovation and creativity make an organic appearance in the every day dynamic.

Our unique holistic approach includes bodywork in the trainings, helping not just to reduce stress but also fostering office health.